Yes, You Can Lease a Used Car

Yes, it's absolutely possible to lease a used car. For those who have been wondering how a lease deal works and if it's any different from buying a car, you may want to understand that it works just the same way in both cases. As a shopper, you would begin by walking into the dealer's office or showroom and would take a look at the cars available for lease...Read More!

Compare the Costs: Buy vs. Lease vs. Buying Used

If you're in the market for a car, there are many options to evaluate and some tough decisions to make. Should you buy with cash or consider financing? How much should you put for a down payment? What about leasing for a fixed term rather than buying a new car...Read More!

What is Gap Insurance and When Do You Need It?

Thinking of buying a new car? There might be quite a few tricky things to consider, including your auto insurance. Generally, everyone understands the basic need of an insurance - if you are involved in an accident and your car gets damaged, you can repair it and your insurance company will pay for it...Read More!

Does the 3,000-Mile Guideline for Oil Changes Still Apply?

It would be great to have your car oil changed only once or twice a year, right? Recent studies suggest that one of the ways to cut down on oil changes is by protecting your car's engine. This would not only save money but you will also be able to save on gas mileage while protecting the environment by not wasting oil...Read More!

Should You Trade Your Car or Sell it Privately?

If you've been wondering why you end up receiving a smaller amount through a trade-in deal as compared to a sale made through a private buyer, there's a valid explanation to this. It may come as a surprise to you that per NADA reports, most dealers receive their major income, say about 61%, through trade-in deals...Read More!

Helpful Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Cooler Weather

You're probably already wishing for winter to be over. Winter can certainly be quite a disaster if you venture out unprepared. If you own a vehicle and use it every day, the following tips should serve you right, considering vehicles are often struck with major breakdowns due to climatic conditions...Read More!

Ten Efficient Driving Tips to Save Money

With increasing fuel prices, you need to drive smart to save more money. Buying a fuel-efficient car is not enough from a long-term perspective. You should drive it properly for saving on fuel and driving costs of your vehicle. Here are some tips that may help...Read More!

How to Tackle Driving in Winter Weather

Whether you've been driving in winter conditions your entire life or snow and ice are new to you, mastering these conditions is tricky no matter how many times you've come face-to-face with nasty winter weather. However, there are some things you can do to help you stay safe and in control behind the wheel during slick road conditions...Read More!

Is it Better to Buy or Lease a New Car?

The decision to buy a new car comes loaded with choices, especially the choice between buying and leasing. This selection can be daunting due to the benefits and disadvantages entailed in both these methods. You should assess your needs and make the right choice based on them...Read More!

Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Used Cars Worth Buying

When it comes to purchasing a used or pre-owned car, you'll probably search for a vehicle that's light on your wallet for the long run. A highly fuel-efficient car is definitely the best to buy. It can make your smart decision of buying a used car even more profitable by passing by more gas stations than other vehicles...Read More!

The Future is Calling: Are Self-Driving Cars a Part of It?

Technology is an ever-evolving subject matter. A concept that seemed impossible a few decades ago has become feasible in the contemporary era. There have been a lot of talks about self-driving cars in the past five decades. It was sidelined by a few people while there were many others who believed in it and worked tirelessly to make it happen for the future...Read More!

Buying a New Car vs. a Used Car

A new car is very tempting, yet the number of used cars sold per year is higher than new vehicles. This is because both have their own advantages and drawbacks. There are considerations like budget, the amount that you can pay in monthly installments and the intended use of the car should be kept in mind when finalizing your decision...Read More!

What Isn't Covered in the Manufacturer's Warranty?

The cost of owning a car is not limited to the price. It also includes registrations, insurance, maintenance and potential repairs. A good warranty system covers damages and defects in your car and brings down the cost of ownership. The manufacturer's warranty is for a limited period of time but you can enjoy a Lifetime Warranty...Read More!

The Basics of Filing a Credit Application on a Dealer's Website

Financing is a major consideration for car buyers whether they are looking to buy a new or used car. There are many options available at the time of purchasing the vehicle from a dealership. You need to assess them and find an appropriate loan that comes at cheaper interest rates...Read More!

Top 3 Tips to Find Your Ideal Family Car

Your car can do a lot for you on your daily drives with an endless to-do list. The driving pleasure or the entertainment for your kids (just enough to keep them occupied for a short while) can help you relax while you tick off more items on your list. Your car can even be a haven for you during your commute...Read More!

5 Excellent Classic Car Designs That Aren't Going Anywhere

With their unforgettable styling and brand value, some vehicles never go out of style and become the classics. These cars can easily withstand the grudges of changing time and fashion trends. They are packed with performance and features accentuated by their timeless appeal...Read More!

How to Optimize Your Savings When Buying a Used Car

The best advantage of buying a used car is the optimized savings that this purchase brings along. When buying a new car, the biggest cost of ownership is the depreciation taking place in the first three years. Hence, buying a used car can be more beneficial in terms of costs involved in the ownership...Read More!